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March 2019 – St. Patrick’s Day Celebration




LEPRECHAUN DINNER~~Four course dinner. A cup of Mulligatawny Soup, Salad, then our Corned Beef along with red jacket Potatoes, Cabbage, Green Beans, Carrots, Irish Guinness Bread plus dessert-Irish Toffee Custard with a cookie.  $25

CORNED BEEF & CABBAGE ~~Slow-simmered by us, Corned beef is served with cabbage wedge, steamed potatoes, country green beans, fresh carrots and a thick slice of our fresh baked Guinness  Bread & butter.    $17.50

GUINNESS PORK RIBS~~Choice lean baby back ribs are hand rubbed. Finished w/ our Guinness BBQ sauce.  $24 

IRISH  SHEPHERD’S PIE~~Fresh choice lamb legs simmered with root vegetables & peas;  piped with  mashed potatoes. $22.50

IRISH ‘FISH and CHIPS’~~On every menu in Ireland. The haddock fillet is fried and served with chips (fried potatoes).   $22.50

    IRISH  WHISKEY GLAZED WILD  SALMON~~No FAT added!  The fresh organic Scottish  fillet is marinated in an Irish whiskey sauce & baked w/ herbed tomato. $26

IRISH LAMB SHANK ~~Slow simmering makes this 1¼ pound ‘meat on the bone’ moist & tender!  Prepared in a veal demi-glaze just as in Co. Galway.  Served on vegetable orzo. $27

LIMERICK PRAWNS AND CRAB~~Super-jumbo prawns (shrimp) and lump crab in a mildly spiced sauce are baked.  $27

GUINNESS BEEF STEW ~Choice beef tips in our mild Guinness sauce-carrots, onions and beans. Served over pasta.  $22.50

IRISH CHICKEN AND DUMPLING  POT-PIE ~~Vegetables, potatoes, dumplings and chicken with a rich gravy.  Topped with baked pastry    $22.50

Desserts of Ireland



Local Trickling Farms Creamery ‘Luck of the Irish’ Peppermint and Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream

   IRISH  BROWNIE  FUDGE  PIE  (Made with Bailey’s, Kahlua and chocolate brownies!)

TRIPLE LAYERED LEMON CURD CAKEServed with a side of Lemon Curd

– IRISH COFFEE –Made with Triple Distilled Paddy’s Irish (Whiskey can be purchased at Gateway Liquors, 500 yd. south of Shamrock) -or-


 – An IRISH COLLEEN—made with Hot chocolate

With each drink … you keep our ST. PATRICK’S DAY  –‘Anniversary 2019 Mug”


DEEP FRIED GREEN DILL PICKLES –6 spears…breaded & deep fried. Served w/ our Dijon-dill dipping sauce.  $7

MULLIGATAWNY SOUP –Made w/ fresh vegetables, chicken and brown rice and curry   $4 cup     $5 bowl

Guinnness Black Bread made w/raisins – $2.75

Irish Steamed Shrimp – –Steamed in Magner’s Irish Cider, served warm with white and red cocktail sauce – $11—1/2 lb  $20 lb

IRISH NACHOS  –Potato slices with our Guinness braised corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, cheese, jalapeño, scallions and sour cream.  $10

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