7701 Fitzgerald Road Thurmont, Maryland 21788      301~271~2912

Closing 12/30/19

December 30, 2019 will be Fitzgerald’s Shamrock Restaurant’s last day of business.  With almost 57 years behind us, the time has come to bid farewell and attempt some rest and relaxation.   

     Donna was thirteen and Dawn was ten in 1963 when we came to work at Dad’s Shamrock. 

     Dawn and Don met in 1968 in high school.   A hardworking farm boy from a family of sixteen in Taneytown, Don came to work in our kitchen to spend some time with his new girlfriend.  He still does the same today to spend some time with his wife!  Don was in the U.S. Army when they married in 1971.  Dawn had a unique career in concrete plant management across the state of Maryland for twenty years, then returned to the Shamrock in 1993. 

     When Donna graduated from St. Joseph’s College in 1971 Dad asked her to join him in managing the Shamrock “until she found another job.”  She hasn’t found another job yet!   Donna met TJ in 1972 after his U.S. Marine service in Viet Nam and subsequent assignment to Camp David. TJ has managed our bar since their marriage in 1973.    As this is being written, just a week ago we all sang “Happy Seventieth Birthday”  to both Donna and TJ.   Not to make them feel over the hill, but to help everyone understand, it’s time to change our pace.  It’s time to enjoy each other, take in some new vistas, let someone else set the table, take the order, cook the food and clean up the mess. 

     We have worked with hundreds of employees, many of whom have been as close as family.  It will be very hard to part with some who have worked with us five to thirty years, others who worked here many years ago and came back as the seasons of their lives have changed. And more recent workmates who already fit into our operation just like the old-timers.  What a wonderful gang!!

     We have met and become friends with thousands of patrons.  The  warmth and affection that permeates this business is the root cause of our longevity.  We cherish the kindheartedness and loyalty we’ve been blessed to know from our staff and customers. 

     “Cead Mile Failte”  is a familiar Gaelic greeting meaning  a hundred thousand welcomes,  always extended to our customers, new and old.    Now we offer   “Go Raibh Cead Mile Maith Agaibh”   meaning 





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